Aluminum & Brass & Copper Pickguards, Control Plates, Custom Knobs & Switch Tips

About Tone-Guard®

Founded on principals developed by Leo Fender and our own research, we continue the work of protecting your guitar’s tone from today’s many EMI (electromagnetic interference), and RFI (radio frequency interference) sources; radios, cell phones, lighting, static and 60 cycle hum.

We add to this our need to make them look cool while still providing tone protection.

Our Mission: To Help You Protect and Enhance Your Tone!

The gallery below is my homage to mentors that encouraged me to start Tone-Guard®. George Fullerton - He shared stories and explained the why's of metal vs. plastic pickguards in the early Fender and G&L days. R.I.P., Will Ray of the Hellecasters - Thanks for the encouragement and being my first endorsee. Phylis Fender - Leo's Fender's wife, and she's signing one of my G&L's. What a great lady! Seymour Duncan - One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. His calling me up for some custom work to be done for him personally was a wonderful surprise. His blessing on my work even better! There are others to be sure, but these folks are pioneers and giants in the MI that I have been blessed to meet along my journey. My gratitude and respect to them is heart felt. Thank you!
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