Aluminum & Brass & Copper Pickguards, Control Plates, Custom Knobs & Switch Tips

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We work with some of the top names in guitar building
& custom instrument creation.

Are you an individual builder or a company looking for
a part you envision, made to order? The answer is; Yes We Can!

A new technology allows us to reverse engineer your custom part into digital form for CAD use. Most amazing! 100% accurate for flat parts, i.e; pickguards, tremelo covers, control covers, truss rod covers.

We have developed our own proprietary methodologies in conjunction with this equipment to ensure a perfect part each time; a 100% perfect 1st cut!

This new method saves you time and money.

How can we be of service to you?

Services Offered:

1) Short and Long Runs of Custom Made Parts.
CAD files are created for your custom job.

2) Custom Finishing of Your Parts.
Specs are created for finishing work to be performed.

3) Pickguard and Control Cover Designs.
CAD files are created for your custom job.

We have a large library of CAD files: 23 Fender model guitars, 6 Gibson models, 3 Rickenbacker models, 5 Ernie Ball models, Schecter and many more; mods as well.

Actual Fender®, Gibson®, and Rickebacker® and other brand name parts were used in the creation of our brand specific CAD files.

We guaranteed to be 100% OEM spec for any given part we make.

4) Custom Knobs & Switch Tip Designs.
Many stock and custom knob designs available.

Custom designed inserts for our custom made knob bases allows for a branded look for your knob.

5) Trade Discounts.
If you are a builder looking for a sub-contractor for your custom parts, we are competitive at the highest quality part.

Our Motto: Yes, We Can!

You can phone us at (818) 661-4487.

Our address is:

13351-D Riverside Drive, #444
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

To send us an
email thru this website.

We sincerely look forward to helping you.

Thank you for your interest in our products and services.