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New! - 3D Printer File Library
Now You Can Print Guitar Parts!

Our pickguards greatly reduce or eliminate the 60 cycle hum found in nearly every single coil pickup. Our Aircraft Grade Aluminum pickguards also provide EMI/RFI shielding, while adding more resonance than a plastic guard. Plastic doesn't vibrate or shield very well.

We can reproduce any part you need! A new scanning technology, together with our proprietary methodology, produces a 100% perfect cut the 1st time.

Laser cut and hand finished in SoCal. Vintage finishes! Modern Finishes! Designed to be a perfect fit 100% Guaranteed!

Easy drop-in replacement for your existing pickguard, or scratch plate, or control cover. Our parts match correctly!

More than 60 models to choose from. Many well known builders use our parts! You'll love the parts we make. Guaranteed!

  • Ronny North got his custom knobs. What about you?
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  • The LsL La Peronita
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  • The TeleMaster D'Grille is born!
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  • Asher's Mozo - Ben Harper Signature Guitar
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  • Our new exclusive design - The JazzStrat D'Grille
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  • More than 60 Models Available!
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  • 3D Printer Files Available!
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Sources of tone circuit noise are: 60 cycle hum (Most single coil pickups), Static Electricity, EMI noise (Halogen Lighting and Fluorescent Lighting) & RFI noise (Radios, Cell Phones, Baby Monitors, etc).

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